Chassis and Wheel Alignment

After an accident it is important to carry out wheel and chassis alignment to ensure your vehicles wheels and chassis are straight.

In 2003 Solent Bodybuilders began using JOSAM alignment equipment and invested in a JOSAM chassis straightening jig. JOSAM is a recognised market-leader in wheel alignment and straightening equipment for heavy vehicles.  This equipment, together with over thirty years of staff experience, enables Solent Bodybuilders to offer a first-class repair service, with minimum downtime.

Whilst all accidents do not result in major twists, even what seems to be minor damage can cause continuing problems for the operator. This is in addition to the increased costs of unnecessary vehicle write-offs, causing additional overheads to both the operator and the insurance company.

Our JOSAM chassis jig allows us to re-straighten the most severely twisted and bent chassis, often eliminating the necessity of removing the cab and body, and ensuring correct chassis alignment.

Wheel Alignment

Whatever the commercial vehicle, from rigids to arctics, tippers and mobile cranes we can measure and correct wheel alignment to maximise both tyre wear and economy.

Solent Bodybuilders uses the JOSAM company laser measuring method for frame straightening – an absolutely reliable system for measuring axle and wheel positions and camber - increasing traffic safety and driving economy. Using the JOSAM alignment laser method, Solent Bodybuilders can measure the wheel angles of many heavy vehicles, including trucks, coaches, trailers and cranes. This software can assess whether all the wheels are rolling in the same direction, parallel to the centre line of the frame, ensuring greater safety, a decrease in fuel consumption and a decrease in tyre wear.

Cab Alignment

Many savings can be made by repairing rather than replacing damaged cabs after an accident. There are both cost and time benefits if the cab is jigged and further benefits in the use of recycled parts.

As with our chassis and wheel alignment equipment, Solent Bodybuilders have also invested in a JOSAM Cab Bench, which allows for the most efficient straightening and repairing of damaged cabs.

The JOSAM cab bench allows for simplified repairing of truck cabs with moveable mounting points, making it easier to repair even severely damaged cabs. This process facilitates a quicker end result, and significant financial savings.

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