Curtainsiders - Specialist Build

Solent Bodybuilders manufacture robust curtain siders, tailored and customised according to your exact requirements. We can offer heavy-duty steel curtain siders to provide maximum strength, or for vehicles under 7500kgs we have the option of a light weight alloy superstructure to reduce vehicle body weight.

Working to increase the durability of the curtain siders manufactured by Solent Bodybuilders, we offer special features such as galvanised pillars, which help reduce corrosion, and hard-wearing components including heavy-duty ratchet tensioners to help sustain quality and product endurance.

To maintain maximum loading access, Solent Bodybuilders can also offer a clear span roof, ensuring greater access for loading vehicles such as fork lift trucks, and a rollabed air freight loading system, which increases loading versatility.

Our range covers the 3 ½ tonne -26 tonne rigid chassis variants.

Other special features available include, flush bulkhead and a brewery specification.