Solent Body Builders Josam Training Programme

Josam have been supplying Solent Bodybuilders (SBB) since 2002 with the highest quality of commercial vehicle chassis repair solutions. Whether it be new equipment, repairs or training.

Their aftersales are second to none. Over time they have assisted us in learning more & more techniques (as they learn, we learn) and with the modern vehicles that are progressing with newer materials such as boron/high strength steels on cabs & chassis.You need to know what you’re dealing with.

One of the most important tools being the heat inductor. With this ingenious piece of kit we carry out a complete range of repairs that would otherwise be impossible.

In June 2014 we decided to set up a regular training academy with Josam. This is carried out at our Fareham branch teaching new and old technicians on the newest chassis materials available.

The idea behind this is to keep up with Manufacturers newest builds coming off the production line; it has proved to be a worthwhile investment to help keep our clients on the straight & narrow path ahead.

Cab Straightening Training

Cab straightening course including advanced pull and press functions.

Measuring with Josam Laser AM

Wheel and axle alignment of heavy vehicles with Josam Laser AM.

Straightening course, Josam frame press

Straightening of heavy vehicles, including frame and axle measurement, with JOSAM laser AM.

Josam Heat Induction

Heating in the straightening of axles, vehicle frames, crane jibs, etc. offers an effective and reliable method of heating.