Vehicle Mounted CCTV Systems

Solent Bodybuilders are part of the national network of approved repairers for Selsia, which has an exclusive partnership with Vision Unique Equipment Ltd (VUE) for installing Vehicle Mounted CCTV systems for its fleet customers.

VUE is a market-leading supplier of specialist CCTV products and solutions for all types of vehicles.  Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are being used to:

  • help avoid paying out on fraudulent third-party accident claims;
  • help prevent assaults on drivers
  • improve driver skills and behaviour

Video data recorders (VDRs) are of growing importance to insurance companies and company fleets with some insurers even offering reduced premiums to fleets if VDRs are installed in their vehicles.

“Crash for Cash” scams – in which gangs deliberately force rear-end collisions can cost insurers up to £35,000, this is why video footage can be used as admissible evidence for proving or disproving liability in road traffic incidents.

Police are also bringing criminal prosecutions based on evidence from VDRs, which is why these devices are often described as “the neutral witness”.

VUE’s VDR products are very small, include up to three small cameras and contain a memory card which can be played back to show a vehicle’s journey - and it even links to Google Maps. VDRs can be set to run for the duration of a vehicle’s journey, or be triggered by G-forces such as heavy breaking just before a collision.

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